New York: day 322

I recently read two books. One was War by Sebastian Junger, the other The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown. I am pleased to announce that both were supreme works of art and non-fiction, each in their own unique way. I will now review each in three sentences.

War: This book is probably the best book on Afghan that I’ve read (and I’ve read more than 1/3 of them). In terms of Afraq works, though, it is incredibly moving and resolute; it exists in a solid, informative place between The Forever War (dreamy (nightmarey?), yet perhaps too impressionistic) and I Lost My Love In Baghdad (amazing details but somewhat disturbingly of an overshare. See: McChrystalgate.) Also, better than its movie, though that is good as well.

Diana: A triumph dressed in royal purple. Truly something to admire in all respects: reportage, scope, elegance, dish. As my confidante H says: “Isn’t it all juice? For the most covered woman in the world, it’s all new! 10 yrs later — it’s practically impossible.” And yet.

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