Texas: day 2.144

Time to drop my semesterly class. I always feel guilty doing this, but whatever! it’s texas. it’s my gerd-givern rAIght. GOV 310L: txs gov’t has got to go. my original professor for this class ruined his chances on the very first day when he used the word “sexified” three times. I switched to another section in which the professor, an ex-tobacco lobbyist, yelled his lectures in monotone. that’s fine. but then he sent out and e-mail and it was all in caps lock. too. soon. summmmmmmer schoooooooool

threw my iPod against a wall today and it broke into a million little pieces, which is also an amazing book by james frey that basha smolen loved.

One thought on Texas: day 2.144

  1. el oh el i”m reeding a millyun littel peeses i luv that book!!@!

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