New York: day 517

This post has an unintentional legal theme.

Firstoff, NYT Home & Garden has struck again with this collection of divorce lawyer/divorcee anecdotes. The last chapter of this article renewed my faith in internet reading … for this week. Next week’s a whole new squash match, internet. Ya hear?

Secondly, NY’s finest legal scholar HBW and I spent more than 15 minutes this weekend brainstorming alternative titles for Joan Didion’s forthcoming memoir on aging. So far we have come up with “Ow, My Neck” and “My Neck Hurts.” Let us know if you have any ideas.

Thirdly, how amazing is Judy Clarke?

Finally, enjoy this video from the archives of 60 Minutes about ADX Florence, the so-called Harvard of prisons (a former home of Woody Harrelson’s dad!).

Long live the scales of justice.

Bye for now!

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