Texas: day 3.97

Today is my first Sunday off since Aug. 17. No better time than now to get started on my “life”work, which largely includes emotionally preparing myself for a month of concentrated travel. First I will go to Chicago. That will be easy; I will watch PBS documentaries, walk to the library to read Redbook and eat corn bran in bed. Then I will go to New York. That will be fun as it tends to be. Then I will go to Israel. This is the hard part. How does one emotionally prepare him or herself for Israel? Etrog juice? Kosher chicken? I have never been to the Middle East before. Have the Dead Sea Scrolls been scanned yet? I need to do more research.

3 thoughts on Texas: day 3.97

  1. read skinny legs and all

  2. Corn Bran! I forgot about Corn Bran with that weird guy on the box.
    As far as Israel goes, just clear the mind and try not have too many preconceived notions of who you’re Israel trip boyfriend is going to be. Don’t chooses the wrong guy though, or you won’t fully realize that the primal emanation became Azilut, the World of Light, from which the three lower worlds, Beriah, Yetzirah and Assiyah, descended.

  3. thanks for the update in the freepress


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