Seattle, day 19

When I’m bored I like to make city equations. Does anyone else do this? You take a city and decide which other cities compose its makeup. For example, Seattle = San Francisco + Burlington VT + Chicago. Austin = San Antonio + Los Angeles. New York = Donald Trump + Newark + Moscow. Still working on that last one. Anyway it’s a fun game, in the same vein as “Mapquest This!”, the title of which speaks for itself (most recent Mapquest: 40 hours from Seattle to Juneau. So tempting. This is why you don’t play Mapquest This with cities you’re in or are in close proximity to).

Changing gears — If you’re looking for a new blog to read, I enthusiastically recommend Inside Higher Ed’s Confessions of Community College Dean. It’s the blog I wish this one to be.

4 thoughts on Seattle, day 19

  1. Happy Birthday Leah! Hope you had a great whale watch yesterday and a great year in NYC. Give us a call and come out and see us when you come back East!

    Aunt Lori and Uncle Terry and family

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