New York: day 80

Delighted to see human growth hormone in the news, if ever so briefly. Disclosure: In a true American story of pharmaceutical triumph, I took HGH six days a week for six years to reach my current height of 5’3 — about $100k worth of medicine. I don’t naturally produce enough growth hormone to grow, so I had a medical need for the synthetic stuff (I was lucky to be able to use genetically engineered hormones, the latest in science at that time. They used to extract it from cadavers).

When I began taking HGH, I was the the size of a small dog. Without it, I would have been 4’5 tops. Now, I am just short. I feel good. The only side effect I ever noticed while taking the medicine was that my fingernails grew very quickly. This still tends to happen. But I do like to keep my nails very short.

The following conclusion, however, stands to be analyzed:

One European study compared adults who had used HGH as short children against others who were similarly short in childhood but hadn’t used the drug. They ended up essentially the same psychologically in adulthood—except that, oddly, the HGH users were less likely to have romantic partners than nonusers.

Well. Something to keep in mind!