Cairo: day 31

One of the things I’ll miss about Egypt is watching Al Arabiya for eight hours a day at work. It’s a fine network. The microphones look like feather dusters and the anchors look like dolls. Speaking of television, CNN the other day broadcast a live interview with Gadhafi’s wife. There was, however, a hitch. Gadhafi’s wife wasn’t present on TV because she’s ostensibly hiding in an underground Bedouin tent with Mr. Mo. So the live interview consisted of the anchor talking to a cell phone laid on a mahogany table from which the voice of Mrs. Gadhafi emanated. It was positively thrilling television.

In other news, peanuts in Egypt are called Sudan beans. As a result, I have been eating a lot of Sudan bean M&Ms, which come in muted colors and are pleasingly malty.