New York: day 546

4 Things You May Not Have Known About Osama bin Laden, As Gleaned From Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower

1. Tried to be cool once.
“… Osama made an effort not to be too much of a pig. Although he was opposed to the playing of musical instruments, he organized some of his friends into an a cappella singing group.”

2. Has small hands.
“‘He had a small smile on his face and small hands,’ a hardened Pakistani mujahid recalled. ‘You’d think you were shaking hands with a girl.'”

3. Believes in homeopathic medicine.
“He suffered from low blood pressure, which often made him light-headed. He always carried a bag of salt with him, and whenever he felt dizzy, he would wet a finger and stick it in the bag, then suck on the salt to keep his blood pressure from sinking.”

4. Poor business sense.
“He had sunk much of his money into enterprises he knew little about. His interests now included rock-crushing machines, insecticides, soap making, leather tanning — dozens of unrelated projects.”