Illinois: day 2

My UT newsfeed is going crazy with Christmas miracles. LBJ School Dean Jim Steinberg will maybe probably be named Obama’s deputy secy of state tomorrow. Steinberg intrigues me — he’s been described as intense, and while he has a certain cadre of personnel surrounding him and drumming up his importance (they conned The Daily Texan out of a sit-down with Madeleine Albright in October), he’s one of the most mild-mannered T-sippers I’ve met at the University.

Meanwhile, the UT system’s regents have nominated this guy as the sole candidate to fill the shoes Mark Yudof left behind in July. A doctor … strange … I had noticed that Austin was really starting to smell like a medical school … no wonder it’s been raining rubbing alcohol … If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would hypothesize that the regents orchestrated Hurricane Ike to destroy the medical school in Galveston so they could move it to Austin. Too soon? Eh, I’m just shooting ducks in the night. Good thing there will be a bunch of doctors nearby soon. I give it five years.

In any case, Cigarroa’s a lot better than his contender, Perry-pal and AT&T Western Regional President John Montford. Under Montford’s reign, all we would have gotten was another Executive Education Center. Crabcakes for everyone!