New York: day 338

I cannot recommend enough this 2007 Vanity Fair article regarding the genesis of Rufus Wainwright — stay with me.

Not only is it packed with details about Rufus’s drug binges (“He sat on the toilet for four hours before crouching in the corner, wearing a red Miu Miu peacoat”), it paints his dad, the folk singer Loudon, as a illustrious candidate for a place on the list of the Worst Semi-Notable People Ever.

Here’s Loudon, talking about art:

Now we’ve stumbled onto the big, important question: Is it necessary to feel like shit in order to be creative? I’d say the answer is yes—unless you’re J. S. Bach.

And talking about parenting while doing art:

‘You know, Pounie,'”—Pounie is Martha [Wainwright’s] family nickname—”‘I think I had to do it this way. I think I had to let you guys go in order to be Loudon Wainwright, and I’m sorry, but I think I had to do it that way.'”

And his feelings on love:

When Loudon wrote his first song about [his ex-wife] Kate, it was not some sappy declaration of love everlasting, but something murkier, perhaps tinged with envy, called “Saw Your Name in the Paper.”

In conclusion, make your own conclusion! What do I know about parenting? See you in the comments section.

**Addendum, 8/11** All above said, Attempted Mustache is one of the most brilliant album titles in the history of album titles.

New York: day 124

“Every time an American goes through security, I want them to pause for a moment and think, What is my government doing to inconvenience the terrorists? Rendition teams, Predator drones, assassination squads. That’s all part of it.”

—Erik Prince, former CEO of Blackwater/Xe, quoted in the current Vanity Fair.

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